Welcome to end of Summer 2013

I’m still getting occasional requests for the Saab 9000 belt tensioner compression tool.  I keep selling every one I make.  Currently I have material on hand to make up more but haven’t been able to find the time.  If you want one I will build to order, just that it might take me a couple of days to get into the shop.

On the hydronic heating front the wood boiler is gone.  Intractable problems with the chimney and decreasing amount of time on my part that I could spend servicing the thing led us to look for alternatives.  Our new Water Furnace geothermal system performed brilliantly in its first winter, maintaining the setpoints in all zones within one degree regardless of the weather outside.  Hardly noticed it on the electric bill as well.  Should have done this 15 years ago but then if we had we’d probably be replacing it about now anyway.  There have been many improvements in the technology in that time frame.

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